Modi, Rahul and Siddaramaiah on Campaign Trail in Karnataka
By Piyush Aggarwal and Hemang Kumar

On the campaign trail in Karnataka, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi criss-crossed the state addressing rallies and holding road shows. The Karnakata elections, being seen as a precursor to the Lok Sabha polls next year, saw attacks and counter-attacks between the two star campaigners. Also leading the Congress' bid to retain power is Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. As the campaigning ended on May 10, here is an interactive map of the constituencies that Modi, Rahul and Siddaramaiah visited. All this while, Modi addressed 20 rallies covering 19 assembly constituencies, whereas Rahul addressed 18 rallies in 16 different constituencies.

Rahul Gandhi
Narendra Modi
Last update: 11th May, 2018

Note: Data for rallies may not be exhaustive. It also contains Public Meetings and Road Shows.